cropped-greyshirt1.jpgDr. Stacy T. Watnick is a licensed clinical and consulting psychologist with a diverse range of experience, working in the field for over 25 years at hospitals, universities, agencies, community centers and in private practice.

Dr. Watnick is currently focused on her private practice in South Park, a vibrant neighborhood in San Diego, California. In that practice, she provides assessment, consultation and treatment to individuals, couples and other relationship clusters. She has extensive experience with anxiety and depression, substance abuse, trauma, domestic violence, divorce, relationship/couples work, intersectional identities, LGBTQIA/GSRD communities, BDSM/kink/multi-partner dynamics, sexuality, overall health and personal growth.

Dr. Watnick regularly presents at a wide range of workshops and conferences for professionals, students, interns and the general public. She has been a guest and consultant to local and national news programming and a consultant/editor for books, online workshops and community resource pages. She has been a San Diego County Probation Certified Domestic Violence Facilitator and Supervisor, an approved Supervisor and Provider for San Diego County Victims of Crime and Child Welfare Service,s and a Domestic Violence Evaluator for the United States Coast Guard.